Keil uVision 4.74.022 ARM Assembly Syntax Highlighting of Conditional Mnemonics

Hello. I teach computer architecture with Keil uVision 4.74.022 for backward support of the ARM7 (Big Endian) simulator. It is a great product and students enjoy using it. The syntax highlighting for ARM assembly language is very good and colors can be controlled from the configuration menus. Instructions highlight well. I wrote a quick example that shows syntax highlighting. 

But, syntax highlighting fails as soon as a conditional mnemonic is added to any instruction except branches. In the example above, the conditional mnemonic "not-equal" highlights correctly on BNE. But, in the next example, the ADDGE fails to syntax highlight even though it is a correct ARM instruction and uVision assembles and simulates it perfectly. 

Just wondering if anyone knows that this is a known problem in uVision 4.X or knows of a way to enable correctly syntax highlighting. I have searched the forums and did not find this issue using the keyword searches I tried. 

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. 

Russ Meier 

Milwaukee School of Engineering

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