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I am doing a special school atm ("Techniker", if it is familiar with you), in wich one of the subjects is "Microcomputers". Since the learning material is extreamly old, i have to learn basic programming of the 8051 in assambler.

The Exam of this is designed to be able to handle the µVision 2 to program a 8051. Therefore i want to play around and test the stuff in my learning material.

I have to use the "AT89C51" µC from Atmel. I did everything as my materials say, but i just cant get a simulation to work. I started with a realy simple testcode, to check if it is working:

                org 00h
                jmp begin
                org 100h
begin:    mov a,0fh

Steps i made for creating the project:

- create and save new project.

- create new file, save in the same directory as "*.a51"

-add "*.a51" file to the sourcegroup.

- compile and start simulation.

what happens now is, that it seems to run the code just fine, but "a" will not get the value "0f" (seen in the online register viewer).

Does anybody have a clude why the akkumulator value does not change with the MOV order?

Sorry for bad english, and thx in advance for any kind of help.

greetings, neox91

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