8051 serial communication. USB cant recognize

So, i am using a development board with a C8051F388. 

the problem is, i was trying to use the serial port via USB to connect to PC, and use a terminal to see what it was outputting, but when i try to choose the COM port, it does not show that i connected 

Every time i plug it to PC it shows a windows message


and when i go to the Device Manager it show that the device was not recognized 

 it is in PT. is says "Unknown USB device" and in Properties shows a error called (code 43)

the board uses a FT230XS-R FTDI driver. I already installed all drivers but still cant solve the problem.

p.s. at moment the board is only using the USB plug to use the serial port. the power and flashing is handled by a USB Debug adapter. 


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