KEIL debugger behavior different on two different computers - using STM32F303K8 Nucleo board

I am developing simple applications for the STM32F303k8 Nucleo board. I have the same version of KEIL uvision and MDK-Lite ( installed on both a personal computer and a networked computer at my institution. I have developed simple code to test a 'hello world' situation - blinking a light - using STM32CubeMX to configure the peripherals and it works fine when loaded onto the board using either computer.

The problem is that while the debugger works fine on my personal computer, the debugger doesn't work on the networked institution computer at all. I am unable to set breakpoints on the networked computer and while the debugger still steps through code in the disassembly window, it doesn't step through any of the C code and just loads the startup file, even though "run to main()" is selected in the debug settings. Additionally, in the debugger, none of the *.c files on the networked computer have the standard gray left edge where breakpoints are typically set. I also have the optimization level set to 0 in both cases, and I can't find any difference between any settings on either computer.

I am also using the same Nucleo board with both computers.

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