How to add Hal library to a keil project?

I'm looking for the right steps to add the Hal library to a Keil project.
i already have the stm32f1xx hal library that include the hal and the cmsis folders (src and include).
i'm facing some problem with linking the library. so if someone can tell me the steps i need to follow to build the project.
in case you will suggest to use StmCubeMX and start the project from there, i already did that and it's not a problem. but i don't want to generate a project. i do like to create a Keil project and add the libs i need.
NB: after i added the path to the Hal library in the c/c++ window (in option for target) i receive this error "cannot find argument Reset_handler. which mean i need to add the startup file but if i do that i receive another 4 errors about multi defined symbols. this is way i'm looking for the right way to do it.

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