Off-chip code memory location problems on Philips MX2

I'm currently doing a project on an MX2 based system and I'm having trouble locating my code to the correct location.

My memory map is as follows:

512k off-chip RAM at X:000000
64k on-chip ROM at C:800000
512k off-chip Flash at C:900000

The project has two parts:
1. Boot code - in on-chip ROM
2. Application code - in off-chip Flash

The boot code needs to detect a valid application in the Flash and run it OR display an error via the com port (I have done this already). I guess the boot code will jump to a code address in Flash (probably C:900000) in order to run.

I've set my off-chip code memory to start at 0x100000 and have a size of 0x80000 but the map of my application code still shows code in the C:800000 - C:8FFFFF range, which I think is wrong.

Has anyone else out there done something similar and can point me in the right direction?

I'm new to the MX2, so please be gentle with me :)

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