System viewer does not refresh readings

I have built a simplest possible system viewer for uVision. The problem is that it does not refresh variable value, it sticks on the first reading.
I will apreciate any helps, thank you in advance.

<component_viewer schemaVersion="0.1" xmlns:xs="">" xs:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="Component_Viewer.xsd">
  <component name="MyFirstComponent" version="0.0.1"/>    <!-- name and version of the component  -->

    <typedef  name="MyGeneralType" info="This is MyType with 2 members" size="12">
      <member name="hi"   type="uint32_t"  offset="0"  info="member 'mysymbol.hi'"/>
      <member name="low"  type="uint32_t"  offset="4"  info="member 'mysymbol.low'"/>

    <object name="MyFirstObject">

          <read name="My2ndSymbol" type="uint32_t" symbol="LoRaWatchTimer" />

      <out name="My First Viewer">
                  <item property="LoRaWatchTimer"   value="%d[My2ndSymbol]" info="Show HEX value of 'mysymbol.low'" />


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