Configure External NOR flash with STM32f429

Hello, I'm working on a STM32F429ZI board and S29GL128S External NOR Flash in order to save some code (images among others). I'm trying to configure the project, but I do something wrong because the KEIL finds errors. In order to generate an .FML file, I copied the project S29GL064Nx2 from C:\Keil\ARM\Flash and adapt it according to S29GL128S memory. In this project (S29GL128S), I have some doubts:

1) Is the Device of the "Options for Target" configuration STM32F429ZI?
2) Is important the Read/Only Memory Areas configuration?
3) The *.Lin file I put the same as S29GL064Nx2 project. Is it correct?

The address of flash starts 0x0000000 and its size is 0x1000000 (16MB). According to Reference Manual of STM32F429 (RM0090), the address to NOR flash, is from 0x60000000 to 0x6FFFFFFF.
On STM32F429 project, I've selected in "tions for Target" > Debug > Settings > Flash Download the *.FLM file from S29GL128S.

The files which I want to save in the NOR flash, I've selected in "Options for file" ROM1 as a Memory Assigment.

But, I have a Flash timeout error, can you help me about what is produced this error?

Is there any tutorial which explains step by step how I have to configure?

Thanks in advance

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