FRDM-KL25Z project link error Undefined symbol Driver_I2C0

I created a project for my FRDM-KL25Z board.
In "Manage Run-Time Environment", I added I2C using CMSIS Driver | I2C | Multi-Slave.
My app code includes "Driver_I2C.h".
My code compiles, but I get a linker error:

Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol Driver_I2C0 (referred from i2c_multislave.o).

See details below.

I guess Driver_I2C0 is declared in a library that is missing from my project.

Can somebody point me to some uVision docs that would help me correct the problem?

Bruce Graham

µVision V5.24.2.0
Copyright (C) 2017 ARM Ltd and ARM Germany GmbH. All rights reserved.

License Information:
Bruce Graham
TechnoSoft Engineering
Flex license: MDK-ARM Essential: 1 user(s) (mdk_essential)
Operation stops: 30 Sep 2019

Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain: MDK-ARM Essential: 1 user(s) Version: 5.24.1
Toolchain Path: e:\Keil_v5\ARM\ARMCC\Bin
C Compiler: Armcc.exe V5.06 update 5 (build 528)
Assembler: Armasm.exe V5.06 update 5 (build 528)
Linker/Locator: ArmLink.exe V5.06 update 5 (build 528)
Library Manager: ArmAr.exe V5.06 update 5 (build 528)
Hex Converter: FromElf.exe V5.06 update 5 (build 528)
Dialog DLL: DARMCM1.DLL V1.18.0.0
Target DLL: UL2CM3.DLL V1.160.3.0
Dialog DLL: TARMCM1.DLL V1.13.0.0

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