Unable to detect ULINK in Linux-Ubuntu


I am working with MCB2300 kit in Linux-Ubuntu. I have installed Keil version in Linux-Ubuntu through Wine. For debugging I am using ULINK2 via JTAG. After compiling the code when I try to debug I get an error dialog which displays No ULINK device found. I am able to work with the same ULINK2 in Windows. But now my requirement is on Linux-Ubuntu. So please let me know whether I can use the ULINK2 in linux or not.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    there is no linux driver avaiable for ULINK.
    WINE emulates parts of Windows, so that µVision can run. But the ULINK needs a hardware (USB kernel) driver.


  • I managed to get the ULINK2 working in a virtual machine under Linux but not the ULINK-Pro. Here's what I have:

    - Red Hat 64 bit with QEMU/KVM. I think any 64 bit Linux with KVM support in the kernel would work.
    - Windows 7 64 bit inside the virtual machine (32 bit most likely works, maybe even better)
    - Added the ULINK2 and ULINK-Pro VID and PID to the XML file for my virtual machine
    - Plug in ULINK2/ULINK-Pro and install Windows driver in the virtual machine as usual
    - uVision works fine with ULINK2 but not ULINK-Pro

    If you have a 32 bit version of Linux or a CPU that doesn't have KVM virtualization support it's probably not worth trying. Running non-KVM qemu is just too slow.

    The performance is pretty good on my machine but unless you really need Linux and uVision running on the same PC you're probably better off with two PCs or a dual-boot setup.


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