TCPnet & FLASHfs in RTX

Hi all !

Info : working uVision V3.60 on MCB2300

I created an application using theses guidelines :
Add RTX to my project :

 - Copy the RTX_config
 - Modify device startup
 - Add a retarget.c file with "#pragma import(__use_no_semihosting_swi)

Don't Add SWI file as it is not need (no user swi) :

Add TCPnet task in that way :

When I compiled there was an error regarding to "__use_no_semihosting_swi" : It said that _sys_open was referenced.
SO I understand that I had to retarget this function, and found it in FlahsFS example. No pb for me as I will need to use SDcard So that use the FlashFS retarget.c

So Finally I added in projet libs TCTP/TCTPD/FS_ARM driver LPC23_EMAC & MCI_LPC23 (needed by File_config).

But when I run the simulator I got the following error :
Data Abort: ARM Instruction at 00000128H, Memory Access at FFE0800H.

What does it mean ?

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