Keil __arm unrecognised


i try to do the examples from the "Insider's Guide to the PHILPS ARM73" by the example 3 the compiler reports:
main.c(31): error: #130: expected a "{"
main.c(41): error: #130: expected a "{"

The code is very simple:
#include <LPC21xx.H>

void thumb_function(void);

int main(void) __arm
{ IODIR1 = 0x00FF0000; ...

void thumb_function(void) __thumb
{ ...
} ====================================================
It seems the compiler not recognizes the "_arm"-Macro.
I use the µVision V4.00 with the Keil-Compiler.

could you tell me how cann i set the Compiler in the µVision ?
Thanke you for your help

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