Problems with struct&graphic library.


I'm trying to display a menu on my device, with str710 mcu. To do that, I create use structs to hold the variables and display them later. My structs look like this:

typedef const struct mMenu_s
    int type;
        char text[3][20];
        struct command
        int command;
                int argument;
          } commands;
        struct specialline
        int een;
                int twee;
                int drie;
          }     speciallines;
  } menutype;

typedef struct sMenuTemp {
  menutype *mCurmenu[20];
  int iCurmenu;
  int iCurmenupos;
  int iOldmenu;
  int iOldmenupos;

  int menuactive;
} cmdMenu;
extern cmdMenu sMenu;

And to place data in it I use:

cmdMenu sMenu;
        menutype Backlightmenu[] =
          { 1, {"Rood", "Red", "Rot"}, {SET_BACKLIGHT,RED}, {NULL,NULL,NULL} },
          { 2, {"Groen", "Green", "Grun"}, {SET_BACKLIGHT,GREEN}, {NULL,NULL,NULL} },
          { 3, {"Wit", "White", "Weiss"}, {SET_BACKLIGHT,WHITE}, {NULL,NULL,NULL} },
          { NULL }
sMenu->mCurmenu[BACKLIGHTMENU] = Backlightmenu;

With this method I can let (other) programmers create/delete/edit a menu very easy. So far so good.. All the text, commands, arguments and the rest of variables are stored in the memory OK (checked the memory watch, all OK!). But then.. I wan't to display the texts. Selecting the menu, the menuline, the language and the text is no problem. But, with the displaying, the last line of my struct is getting destroyed.

I've debugged my program, and it seems that the LCD-library caused the problem. It does an integer division, and the assembly calls "__aeabi_idivmod", which is an divide-function. On the first instruction, which is: PUSH {R4-R6,LR}, the data of my struct get destroyed, and it very, very weird values on the place of the struct..

And, the stupid thing.. When I remove the graphic-function, it's all normal. And, it doesn't matter on what memory-location my struct is placed, it happens every time.. It looks like the divide haunts my struct =S.

I'm working with the MDK-Arm 3.70 toolchain, in uVision3. Does anybody have an idea why this happens? Or, even better, the solution? I've tried a lot of other things, but it would be so d*mn easy to build and display my menu like that...

Thank you so very much.


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