Intrp Issues (when relocating)

Hi Ppl.

I've been muddling thru a whole slew of problems with a bootloader.

The biggest pain in my @$$ is that anytime I try to relocate the interrupt vector, interrupts dont work.

I simplified everything down to a single test project. UART and TMR3 intrps.

Original Intrpt and Prog Start specs (0x00) works fine, but anytime I attempt to relocate my project. They simply dont work.

I follow the KB thread about relocating in C changing the required 3 settings:
Int Vect change, startup.a51 change, and CODE SPACE linker change for my prog.

Any ideas why?

Additionally, when getting back to the bootloader proj:
Can i compile the 0-0x1000 BOOTLOAD with NOINTVECT if I use no intrpts and at the same time, be able to reprogram interrupt table with the bootloader?


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