C167 Memory allocation and h86 file trouble


I'm using the PHYTEC kitCON-167 evaluation board with the Keil uVision2 software, but I have some problems with memory allocation. On the board, it is the normal configuration: U8 & U9, 2 * 128kB Flash and U10 & U11, 2 * 32kB RAM.

Now, I setup the memory configuration of the Target in Keil Software as:
Bank 1: RAM, start:0x4000, size 0x4000
Bank 2: R0M, start:0x1000, size 0x3000
I found this config on an example.

In mode 'debugging', that works. But when I create the ".H86" file that I load on the flash, it doesn't work anymore, only the CAN reception is working. Is there an error of the memory configuration ? In this case, what's the best memory allocation for my board.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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