[DSTREAM]Target Message: Could not determine target state

Hi all,

I have a QCA IPQ4019 board. I am following this blog https://community.arm.com/tools/b/blog/posts/porting-linux-made-easy-with-ds-5 to debug from the stage in which  u-boot loads the Kernel.  I can get to below step described in the blog.

>A compressed kernel will stop at the breakpoint at 0x80008000 before decompressing. 

(Note, in my case the breakpoint is 0x80208000)

But I encounter error "Target Message: Could not determine target state" and I can not control the CPU core any more. Below is the full log. Any advice why there is such error?  Thanks !

Signals handled by operating system
Connected to running target QCA - IPQ4019-detect-debug-and-trace on USB:002273
cd "/home/tonyhe/DS-5-Workspace"
Working directory "/home/tonyhe/DS-5-Workspace"
hbreak -d -p *N:0x80208000
Hardware breakpoint 1 at N:0x80208000
condition 1 
break-script 1 ""
ignore 1 0
break-stop-on-cores 1 
unsilence 1
Breakpoint 1 unsilenced
break-stop-on-vmid 1
enable 1
Breakpoint 1 enabled
Execution stopped in SVC mode at breakpoint 1: N:0x80208000
N:0x80208000   BL       {pc}+0x1a20 ; 0x80209a20
Target Message: Could not determine target state

update1:  add more details or background of my question.  IPQ4019 is with 4 cores. In the u-boot mode, the debugger can not connect 4 cores. I encounter below error when connecting 4 cores.  Debugger can only  connect 1 core.  It seems that the other 3 cores are power-down. So in my question, only 1 core is connected.  I am suspecting the only core is also power-down when I encounter error "Target Message: Could not determine target state".  Any suggestion?

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