Debugging kernel: OS support not working for Linux 5.4

I'm trying to debug a nonresponsive device when using Linux 5.4-rt compared to 4.19-rt. However, after loading the symbols (add-symbol-file vmlinux), I get this error message:

WARNING(ROS60): Could not enable OS support as the OS does not appear to be initialized. This might be caused by a mismatch between the loaded symbols and the code on the target or because the OS is not up and running. Enabling OS support will be re-attempted when the target next stops.

Note that kernel debugging works fine with Linux 4.19-rt. I'm using Arm Development Studio 2020.0 (Intel FPGA Version) and debugging a Cyclone V SoC using an Altera USB-Blaster II, if that's of any interest.

Can anyone tell me what's the limit here? Why does it work for 4.19, but not for 5.4?



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