How to analyze critical function(in kernel module) that caused CPU-bound task by streamline?

We are going to analyze the CPU heavy task(in kernel module), but the streamling tool could not show the detail.

The problem is that the critical functions(caused CPU-bound task) executed in kernel module, and the streamline tool just showed the unknown code in XXX(XXX means the name of kernel module).

In addition, in streamling settings, we added vmlinux/XXX.ko/user space ELF image from the sheet "program image" -> "add ELF image".

Is there any steps missing? Please let us know in your free time. Thank you so much.

- Test environment
OS => aarch64 GNU/ Linux 4.9.38
HW => armv8 64 bit

  • Hi Myles,

    This article should give an example of the procedure. You should be able to treat any kernel modules the same as vmlinux. 

    Make sure you have the source code on the host machine running Streamline 

    If you don't see any source code check if you are compiling the kernel and modules with debug as shown in the article. 



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