Armcc and armclang file path length


I'm attempting to migrate a project to either Arm Compiler 5 or Arm Compiler 6 ( preferably Arm Compiler 5 ) in DS-5 from Visual Studio 2019.  The project in question contains files that are organized in a few subdirectory layers, though, none of the path lengths are anywhere near the Windows 10 MAX_PATH length.  When I attempt to build my project, several files will not build unless I move them to a directory very close to the DS-5 project, within at least one or two directories. The error message I receive is "armcc command with no effect" in Compiler 5 and "no input files" in Compiler 6.  The files do indeed exist in the locations that the compiler is attempting to look ( unless I don't understand something about the way to compiler looks for a file ).

I'm not sure what is causing this issue.  I'm open to trying anything to get it resolved.  

My setup is:

DS-5 version 5.29.2

Arm Compiler 5 version 5.06u6

Arm compiler 6 version 6.10.1

Windows 10

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