Hello, how are you?

I'm working on a project and I have to get DAP-Link to run, however, I'm having some difficulties getting the environment to run. I'm following the tutorial link github.com/.../DEVELOPERS-GUIDE.md

I am having problems in the step where I must execute the command:

"$ tools / mbedcli_compile.py"

the following error appears:

"Building project DAPLink (k20dx_frdmkl02z_if, ARM)
Scan: DAPLink
Compile [1.3%]: frdmkl02z.c
[ERROR] Error: C9555E: Failed to check out a license.
The license file could not be found. Check that ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE is set correctly.
ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE is not set. You must set this to the path to your license.
Information about this error is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/lic87/m1
General licensing information is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/licensing/ "

Can anybody help me? Do I really need this license? If so, how do I get it?

Thanks in advance!

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