ARM compiler upgrade from V5.06 to V6.10 failed

I try to upgrade ARM complier for V5.06 to V 6.10 in Keil MDK V5.26. 

The projects I am mainly working for is with device STM32F407VGT6,

 the code like this:

typedef void (*const ISR)(void);

__attribute__ ((section("RESET"))) ISR IsrVector[]  =
    __initial_sp,                                   //Top of Stack
    Reset_Handler,                                 //Reset Handler    

When I use ARM complier V 5.06, the link result is ok.

but when i use arm complier V6.10,I get this error:

  .\Objects\xxx.sct(7): error: L6236E: No section matches selector - no section to be FIRST/LAST.

Please advise me how to resovle this problem

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