Cross-compiling for Cortex-A9 with GCC

Arm offers 2 different GCC toolchains: one for Cortex-M/R devices and the other one for Cortex-A devices. However, in the Cortex-M/R toolchain documentation, it is specified that Cortex-A targets are accepted too, so this confuses me: why is there another toolchain for Cortex-A devices?

In my case, I am trying to build a baremetal application for a Cortex-A9 using a Makefile that invokes the GCC cross-compiler for arm. Should I use arm-none-eabi- or arm-eabi- tools? What's the difference?

Also, where can I find a template for a linker LD script for Cortex-A9 cores which I can then customize?

I have done this many times for Cortex-M devices, using arm-none-eabi-gcc, and using template linker scripts and startup files that I can then edit for my own needs. I can find many of these templates for Cortex-M devices, but none for Cortex-A cores. 

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