Running code built for ARM in Eclipse on Windows?

A beginner question, sorry.

1. I have a C floating point code. I build it and run it in Eclipse CDT using Cygwin GCC toolchain. 

2. I would like to compile the same C code, but this time for ARM Cortex A53. 

3. I installed GNU MCU Eclipse plug-in and made a new Eclipse project using ARM Cross GCC toolchain. 

4. The project builds fine, the output being myproject.elf. 

5. I would like to run the myproject.elf locally on Windows (without connecting a target ARM board, which I don't have). When I try to run it, I get error: 

Error starting process.
Cannot run program "myproject.elf": Launching failed

And when I try to Debug it:

Failed to execute MI command:
Error message from debugger back end:
Don't know how to run.

Is running ARM code like this at all possible on native platform?

What am I doing wrong? 

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