Newlib snprintf_lite storing info string to flash

GNU toolchain 5.4 2016q3 in use and compiling c/c++ project to M4. Compiling with --specs=nano.specs flag so Newlib nano is in use.

I am working to optimize code and looking output binary data to clean all unwanted read-only constant string out of my project. I noticed following string:
"not enough space for format expansion (Please submit full bug report at"

Searching map file and found this string is coming from "arm-none-eabi/lib/armv7e-m/fpu\libstdc++_nano.a(snprintf_lite.o)"
This is really something I don't want to be stored in any memory. Project is not having exceptions and flag -fno-exceptions is in use. 
String is there even compiling for size using -Os flag.

My question: Is it possible to drop that string out from flash?


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