Understanding Mali Perf Counters in Streamline


I wanted to understand the description of some of the Mali-G77 Performance Counters and the metrics we can derive from it. I read the blog by Mr. Peter Harris about the Streamline counters and also the "Mali-G77 Performance Counters Reference" 

1. Mali GPU Tasks: Fragment Tasks. 

The number of Fragment didn't seem to increase when I increased my workload while the other counters increased. I wasn't able to correlate this. Any description of this will help me. Also, since this gives the pixel count, it was giving different pixel counts for 2 different apps running at the same resolution by quite a big margin, how could this happen?

2. Any suggestion on how I can use the Varying Shading Requests to derive any performance metric? Is there a way we can co-relate the counters after the Varying Unit in the Pipeline, like the Mali Core Primitives: Read Primitives counter ? 


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