Mali OpenGL ES Emulator v3.0.2 USAGE issue

Hi, i'm a new user with Mali OpenGL ES Emulator v3.0.2 and also by reading the user manual i cannot understand how i could use it.

My graphic card is an old Ati Radeon 3670 with 512 Mb and it was native with windows 7 but with windows 10 i think that it's not supported completely all the original opengl 3D features.

And so i thought that with Mali OpenGL ES Emulator v3.0.2 i could emulate and convert the tasks in "OpenGL to DirectX" or something similar.

The problem is that i'm not an expert in this matter and i'd like to use for example all the 3D features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 because when i call a 3D features it crashes or close the program, but i remember that once it was supported with the same hardware.

So can anyone explain me if it should be possible and all the steps that i should follow.

Also i'm using Cinema4D and more or less it works, but in the preference it alerts me with "OpenGL run time error" or similar

Thanks a lot in advance, i wait for some kind feedback.

Best Regards.


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