Model debugger unstable when attempt to load more than one target


Am using FM v11.12 on Win10 and when I start the model debugger from the GUI - either from the System Canvas or standalone GUI, select more than one target to load as in the following SS, the second instance upon launch is unstable - the debugger window keeps continuously flickering - this suddenly started to occur out of the blue; it was OK initially after installation making me suspicious about some thing else, like a system issue with some windows update and/or some corruption in one of the system files:

SS after attempting to load the above two targets i.e. CPU & the Flash device - the model debugger hangs with partially populated window for the Flash model and has to be forcefully shutdown:

Anyone faced this ? I attempted to remove and re-install teh ARM tools but did not help; also tried building with both VS2017, VS2015 - no difference

Thx !

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