Mali Texture Tool cannot open any ETC2 sRGB/A formats, opens RGB/A and R/RG11/snorm files.

The Mali Texture Tool cannot open any KTX files with any of the ETC2 sRGB(A) formats.  This is a problem, since nearly all of my albedo textures are sRGB(A).  These also cannot be generated using the tool, and it seems that the tool was last updated in 2016.  Is this still under active development, or should I look elsewhere?  PVRTexToolCLI and cuttlefish seem to be the best alternatives, with PVRTexToolCLI/GUI being able to open all ETC2 types.   PVRTexToolGUI doesn't display the gamma correctly so I was hoping that a second tool like this would work.  Apple's own Preview can't display ETC2/EAC/PVRTC files but can display ASTC/BC, so I need to use a third party tool to validate the correctness of image and mips.

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