Selecting the right hardware configuration for a Video Processing SoC

Battery life is the most important requirement for 4K systems.  In this video, we cover the trade-off between Power and Performance when making implementation decisions. We should the components required, the levels of abstraction and the accuracy of the model.  The video looks at the use of graphical parameters to conduct experiments.

In this MPEG video example, the requirement is to process  13,000 macro blocks in 20 ms at less than 1 watt of power. Exploration started off with basic understanding about the target platform including software task distribution and few other hardware configurations. Using VisualSim model we found that even though the power requirements were met, performance requirements were almost 50% away from the expected result. How did we selected the right hardware platform that meets all our requirements? Please view the following video for more information

To learn more and to conduct trade-off with a live online model, go to: