Best most recent text on ARM arch

Hello all,

I'm searching for a good (rather, excellent) textbook on detailed overview of ARM architecture(s), quite recent (may be just couple of years old?). Covering all Cortexes M, R, A, probably at least til ARMv7-A ,Cortex-A32 or all upto before 64 bit.  With showing clear diagrammatically what/how they differ in, or same on, key differences , addressing performance aspects too ...
May be also showing with block diagrams showing the internals, how CPU is connected to what, internal  busses, Memories, interrupt controllers .. All in one book / place (is that possible ..?)

Also, discussing busses, AHB, AMBA, AHB-Lite, AHB5, etc, and anything not listed related (i'm already doubting .). in same book, and showing which busses are used where for which arch, and SoCs, and performance of. And what not else - all that's used with the cores/archs listed above..

Is there such a book, covering all that, and yet creating a clear high-level overview covering all, yet also allowing to dig into details... ?     ( probably not? would be a killer of a book)

If not one, may be anyone can commend 1 - 2 such books, which together can put it _All_ on the shelves for one, so to stay, to clearly see them all those systems ..?

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