Does anyone knows why a documentation as ARM DSU 0030 is only available for licensees


does anyone understands why a document like the ARM DSU 0030 Technical Reference Manual Supplement System Memory Management Unit (MMU-500) is for licensees only?

This Supplement describes  the initialization of the MMU-500 and how the final Memory Attributes are generated. I would expect, that there is described how the initial configuration workflow in the Software is initially, or is this the Point? Do I have a wrong expectation?!

That documents like the Implementation Guide, Integration Manual and User Guide Manual is for licensees only makes completely sense, for what should I Need them as I'm not a Silicon partner.

Compared to that I wonder that the Technical Reference Manual and Architecture Reference Manual is available. Do you know more cases where it seems, that the documentation Access Right Management seems to be not logical?

Actually it seems to me, that I got all informations I need from the available documents and the IOMMU Linux Driver module. But I expect, that it would have been faster or still  it would be with the named documentation.

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