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Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, so excuse me if I have not "chosen wisely."

I'm a hobbyist working on a project that I MAY productize and try to sell. I have begun with the mbed platform of embedded boards. However I have quickly grown tired of their online compiler with no debugging capability. So, now I'm looking for recommendations on good (and reasonably priced) IDE options for ARM embedded development.

I have asked this question elsewhere and have not gotten any really complete answers.

One tool that I have looked at is Sourcery CodeBench from Mentor Graphics. It looks promising but I've not found anyone that has used it. I have gotten a recommendation on Rowley CrossStudio. I have been using the free version of LPCXpresso but it does not optimize code very well and C++ code struggles to fit on my NXP ARM Cortex M3 LPC1347 based board.

So, what are everyone's feelings on development tools? I need to keep a keen eye toward price because at this point this is just a hobby and I can't afford to spend thousands on development tools.

Thanks in advance!

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