Use LZ4 Library to comperes and decompress data


I try to Use LZ4 Algorithm to comperes and decompress data. I want to use LZ4_compressHC function. this function don't work. if know that problem from calloc(1,s) function. "s" is a struct in library. I use STM32F407VGT MCU. All code are below:

char des[400];
char des2[400];

int res1;
int res2;

int main()


  sprintf(des,"This is test. just one statement write to test this function");
  res2 = LZ4_compressHC((des),(des2),  sizeof("This is test. just one statement write to test this function"));


int LZ4_compressHC(const char* source, char* dest, int inputSize)
    void* ctx = LZ4_createHC(source);
    int result;
    if (ctx==NULL) return 0;

    result = LZ4HC_compress_generic (ctx, source, dest, inputSize, 0, noLimit);

    return result;

void* LZ4_createHC (const char* inputBuffer)

    void* hc4 = ALLOCATOR(sizeof(LZ4HC_Data_Structure));
    LZ4_initHC ((LZ4HC_Data_Structure*)hc4, (const BYTE*)inputBuffer);
    return hc4;

#define ALLOCATOR(s)  calloc(1,s)

When "  void* hc4 = ALLOCATOR(sizeof(LZ4HC_Data_Structure));" executed the output value is zero (hc4 = 0).

I try to solve it. sizeof(LZ4HC_Data_Structure) = 262160.

typedef struct
    const BYTE* inputBuffer;
    const BYTE* base;
    const BYTE* end;
    U16 chainTable[MAXD];
    const BYTE* nextToUpdate;
} LZ4HC_Data_Structure;

why this very big? bigger than SRAM?

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