MSP432+BLE+ Debugger interfacing


I would like to Interface a BLE to a MSP432 microcontroller in serial. The BLE has a inbulit Atmel controller. I have a firmware for BLE in keil. Intially I have flashed the firmware to BLE directly from a debugger and worked on the BLE. Now I should have a MSP432 in btween debugger and BLE.

I should flash the BLE via MSP432 in serial. I am planning to connect the hardware as below image. Is this way work out?. My another important question is I have to write the firmware for MSP432 and then combne the BLE code in to the MSP432 code?.

If so How can I send the perticuler BLE portion of code to the BLE?.

If I dont connect the seial pins of debugger to MSP432 how can I see the serial data on terminal in PC?. 

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