Any Method to trigger/start FreeRTOS task from normal STM32 ISR??

Hello Folks,

What is the most effecient method to start a freeRTOS task only after an ISR is completed and flag or something set by ISR that triggers freeRTOS task.

Lets take an example scenario , I have STM32F3 nucleo board in which i would like to toggle two different led's using freeRTOS task by using xTaskCreate . Also i want to Serial read a character say 'T'(T-toggel just random) using DMA which will generate interrupt on tranfer complete, the corresponding Interrupt Service Routine should have a method/flag to trigger/execute the tasks created (toggling of LED's). Once the two tasks are completed should wait for the arrival of character 'T' over Serial.

Any IDE is ok for explanation and preferably ST's standard periperal library (if any good heart would like to provide entire code structure as an eaxmple/explanation )

Any Ideas would be very welcome ;)

Thanks in advance.