Keil MCB1800 LPC18xx I2C driver


I'm evaluating two I2C drivers, one comes from Keil MCB1800 demo board software and other is from LPCOpen software pack. Both drivers work but I have some issues with LPCOpen driver. As many have noticed there is a possible infinite loop condition inside the transfer function. With my hardware the driver is stuck while using USB and I2C communications simultaneously and so far I'm unable to fix this. Keil's driver works fine with the same hardware. Also Keil's driver seems to be more... understandable, I would say. LPCOpen uses event handler/interrupts and just feels overcomplicated. I'm using it in master mode. Basically I have few i2c slave components on this board so I have to configure them first and then read some periodic data. Anyway, all seem to work fine except the fact that the i2c lines are inverted with Keil. Please see attached pictures.

This is writing to i2c address 0x76, register 0x03 and data 0x00 with LPCOpen driver  


Same operation with Keil driver

Reading data form i2c is exactly the same, everything is just inverted with Keil.

Honestly, I don't understand. I2C pins are configured with internal pull-ups ON and external 4.7kOhm pull-ups. 

My problem is, I'm using a proprietary tool/software to configure and debug one of i2c components through the i2c.

The tool sees the i2c line busy and just wouldn't connect to the bus.

Any idea where should I look to invert both signals?

Thanks all!