Adding support to Wurth Calypso WiFi module (AMB5201)

Hi, I need to add support for the AMB5201 WiFi module, that has a serial interface with the MCU. I'm new to Keil (used Atollic and STMCubeIde) and I want to integrate as good as possible the keil packs approach and development workflow. What do you think is the best path, to configure it as WiFi Custom in the Run-time environment for the CMSIS/Drivers, or to develop a new set of files like there are for the ESP32 or the WizFi360 in the CMSIS-Driver folder? Is there some example of how to do it in any of these paths? 

One possibility I thought is to consider as a WiFi_Custom driver, so the net module will be automatically configured to use the Driver_WiFi0, and then implement in the application code something similar to the WizFi360 driver code, that way will be easier at least in a first step to manage the code being developed, since it will be in the application and not as a driver in a different source tree. It will be great if there is some tutorial or workflow recomendation for this kind of development. 

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