How do I import GitHub repositories into the uvision project?

Hi, thank you for visiting my question.

I recently downloaded and started using uvision 5. However, I now have trouble in creating subdirectories in a directory in uvision projects.

If it is impossible to make a directory in a directory, how do I use a big library like TensorFlow on GitHub?

Instead I found what is called "Group" and maybe I need to create a group to store files.

But in this case, in order to use TensorFlow, I have to manually create numerous amount of groups to store each file, and modify all the include paths in all the files because uvision doesn't accept subdirectories.

How is it so inconvenient? Do I overlook something? Or uvision is not intended for a medium sized application such as an ML one, and users are just supposed to handle a few files in a uvision project?

Could anyone help me understand the best way to use a medium sized library or framework that have nested folders in it?

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