lpc4370 for keil5 load error: Erase Failed!

Erase Failed!
Flash Erase finished 10:00:09

  • Hello! Please check the Information in the Build Output Window for additional information on the issue. The message box alone does not say much.

  • It looks like you are using this device:

    That page shows there is a "Dual Core CM4 Blinky" example. If your board has a similar layout to this our board, then you could use it too.

    Open the Pack installer, C:\Keil_v5\uv4\PackInstaller.exe

    - On the top left of the window, for "Search", type "lpc4370" - the list below gets filtered.
    - Select the device (entry with a green icon) from the list below – on the right side of the dialog updates with Software Packs relevant to this device.
    - For the "Packs" tab, install the NXP:lpc4300_DFP pack (if necessary).
    - On the top right of the screen, select the yellow "Examples" tab.
    - On the "Dual Core CM4 Blinky (MCB4300)" row, click the "copy" button - a dialog pops up.
    - Pick a directory, click both the check boxes, and press OK - a new Keil µVision session opens with the example.
    - Build the project, Connect a USB cable to the board and start the debugger.