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The write and read functionality for Driver_Nand is returning ARM_DRIVER_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED


I am currently working on a project to implement the ARM RTX RTOS2 for multiple modules (such as NAND, SPI, UART, ETHERNET, etc.) on a custom board.

I have downloaded the latest template for Driver_Nand.h and Driver_Nand.c from the CMSIS5-develop repo on Github (

However, when I look through the Driver_Nand.c when I call the Initialize function with API version (0x204) I see the following:

static int32_t ARM_NAND_Initialize (ARM_NAND_SignalEvent_t cb_event) {

I, therefore assume the support for NAND-flashes was removed. If that is the case, why was the support for ARM_NAND removed, and is there any replacement?

Furthermore, I have already got it to work through using it directly as GPIO pins and read/write to the assigned pins (as an alternative). I wish to use the arm_driver structure for the operation to have the same structure programmatically on the initialization, read and write operations as for the other parts (such as SPI).

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