Will there be EXT_buffer_storage support at all?

Hi, I'm a developer of the dolphin emulator. We have asked for EXT_buffer_storage support for over three years now, and we were told that you are working on it: https://community.arm.com/graphics/f/discussions/4645/gl_ext_buffer_storage-support/16161

As you still don't support *any* way to stream dynamic content, the performance is still terrible and we're discourage everyone to buy a Mali product: https://github.com/dolphin-emu/dolphin/pull/6403

Meanwhile, as we doubt that you ever wanted to implement this extension, we started to get more noisy and to make the blame more clear: https://github.com/dolphin-emu/dolphin/commit/d4449971c949ddd988a0d615b42e17ff2f6202ef

Here, we are going to show a big warning on every boot on every Mali device: "Your OpenGL driver does not support EXT_buffer_storage. This device's performance will be terrible. Please ask your device vendor for an updated OpenGL driver."

So, can you recormend us a way to continue? You may of course repeat yourself like in https://community.arm.com/graphics/f/discussions/6365/buffer_storage-implementation and https://community.arm.com/graphics/f/discussions/8020/what-is-the-status-of-buffer_storage (2 and 1 years ago), but this won't help. Or do you want us to add an overlay like "You've bought this ***, your fault." ? I just ran out of ideas :/

I'm sorry for whoever is reading this text, I know it isn't your fault. But might you ask two levels higher if they are actually working on buffer_storage?

Thanks, degasus