Analyzing optimized SPIR-V binaries using Mali Offline Compiler

I have a question regarding performance analysis of precompiled & optimized SPIR-V binaries using Mali Offline Compiler. 

From the documentation, it seems that it should be possible to provide SPIR-V binary file format as input to malioc tool for performance analysis:

"The input file can be either:
• A single ESSL source shader
• A single SPIR-V binary module that has been compiled using Vulkan semantics"

I have tried the second option by using the following command line:

./malioc --spirv -y main --fragment optimized.spirv

but what happens is that glslValidator gets called by malioc, tries to compile the input as ESSL and displays the following error: 

"ERROR: Failed to compile ESSL to SPIR-V"

Is there a way to skip the compile step, and just do a performance analysis run on the provided SPIR-V file? 


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