Graphics Analyzer integration causing fatal error in app

Hi All :)

I'm trying to use Graphics Analyzer with an unrooted Samsung SM-A320FL, which has a Mali-T830 GPU.

Just to get things going I'm attempting to analyze a sample app from Google's ARCore SDK with minimal changes. I've taken the "hello_ar_c" sample and added loading of the Graphics Analyzer library (System.loadLibrary("AGA")) to the main activity, added the relevant dir to jniLibs.srcDirs, and installed AGA.apk. abiFilters is set to "arm64-v8a", "armeabi-v7a".

On running the app I get the following error:

A/Ion: [vr/gvr/render/] CHECK failed: expression='"context"' Failed to get application context.

In case it's relevant, the above is immediately preceded by:

E/NdkImageReader: AImageReader_getWindow

Thanks a lot for your time.

EDIT: It seems like vr/gvr might be part of Google's closed-source ARCore SDK. However the sample app runs fine without the GA integration, so still somewhat on-topic.

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