Is it possible to create an aarch32 linux hosted local gcc compiler from source?

In the ARM website, there are Windowsx86_64 Linux and AArch64 Linux hosted cross compilers. But there aren't AArch32 Linux hosted cross compilers.

They provide compiler source code named gcc-arm-src-snapshot-10.3-2021.07.tar.xz.

Is it possible to create an aarch32 linux hosted LOCAL gcc compiler from the source code?

Host: AArch32 hosted

Target: AArch32 target with hard float

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your question. As you know we offer users "build toolchain from sources" option with examples using ABE (Linaro toolchain build system).

    With release we provide example manifest files (only x86_64 hosted toolchains) which are digested by ABE and control toolchain compilation and build process.

    What you can do is: you can take release ABE manifest file from "Linaro ABE example manifest files for x86_64 hosted cross compilers" sections and locally update it to build for arm-none-gnueabihf host (and your preferred target).

    There's one issue here, release 10.3-2021.07 do not contain these manifests. I will ask our team internally to update web-page as soon as possible.

    There is also another option on the table. You can build toolchain from our sources using 3rd party tools.

    kind regards,
    Przemyslaw Wirkus