ARM Development Studio missing pack ...


I have a SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 development board that I have to start using.

I downloaded and installed the latest version of "ARM Development Studio" and
activated a 30-day demo license. In these 30 days I would like to start working
with this development board and then the SAMA5D27 processor to then build my own
prototype and then buy the software if everything works properly.

I state that I am a beginner with this software and its philosophy.

I should use on this development board :

 - Bare Metal
 - FreeRTOS
 - Ethernet with "lwip"
 - USB Host with pendrive support for reading files (FAT32)
 - SPI master
 - Leds
I am currently experiencing problems in choosing some packages:

ARM.FreeRTOS::RTOS.Config.FreeRTOS - Additional software components required
ARM::CMSIS.RTOS.FreeRTOS - Additional software components required
Keil.MDK-Pro::USB.Host - Additional software components required

How to add these packages that don't seem to exist in the main repository ?

Thanks very much.