What is the best location of RTOS ?

Hello !

I'm looking the consideration about the best but good enought from security point of view location of FreeRTOS.

It cab be in secure world with nonsecure tasks and other combinations what is possible and I found

ARM material about topic: https://developer.arm.com/docs/100689/0200

Fom other side I found in current forum:


However, with the guidance from PSA & Trusted Firmware team, the plan for FreeRTOS port is to have the OS running in Non-secure world, and OS helper APIs in Secure world to help context switching.


I also think that as max as possible code should run with minimal privileges and use calls to Secure side where some trusted functions.


Does someone can point me to PSA assumptions about why FreeRTOS should be running in Non-secure world ?

I have started with ARMV8-M and looking for typical RTOS architecture for quite simple device what need to be done.

Thank you !