Arm at SC17: Ready to Deploy for HPC

Postcards from Denver…November 12th – 16th, 2017

If you’ve ever been in Denver, you might have noticed incredibly different one’s perspective can be, depending on which direction one chooses. Looking eastward, you might assume the Denver area is one of the flattest, most featureless landscapes imaginable. Pointing westward, the magnificent Rocky Mountains dominate the view. There is such an abrupt shift in the landscape. In 2017, as we’ve continued to bolster our HPC ecosystem, we are seeing more and more news relating to Arm partner silicon readiness for HPC, Arm is finding itself in a similar point on the HPC landscape. After years of determined preparation and partnerships, significant deployments are now on the near horizon for Arm and its partners.  

At the end of 2016, Arm announced the acquisition of Allinea, bringing in house a strong set of debug and analysis tools for Arm, while continuing Allinea’s strong message of cross-platform support. The move also brought Arm a talented set of HPC applications experts and a world-wide sales/support team. At SC17, we further pushed our HPC community out-reach with the launch of the Arm HPC User Forum site and the Gitlab wiki pages for community collaboration on HPC applications and packages. Furthermore, we continue to support the OpenHPC consortium with a full release of the OpenHPC baseline (we’re removing the “Tech Preview” tag in the 1.3.3 release with the help of our friends at Linaro and the folks maintaining the Warewulf cluster provisioning and management packages).

Now, at SC17, we expect much more to be shared on our HPC software ecosystem, as well as many more details on partner hardware platforms. There are numerous Arm centric sessions on the schedule so even folks with a busy scheduled will have a chance to catch up on the latest Arm ecosystem news. Rumor has it there may be some significant partner platform announcements and there might even be some performance and benchmark data to be shared.  While we continue to have a long-term view towards Exascale compute, we are focused now more than ever on the deployments just ahead of us.

Arm Booth #1781 and Demos

At the SC17 exhibition, we’ve got a great location this year in the Denver Convention Center, and we have some great demos to match, highlighting the very latest Arm ecosystem and hardware platform advances. We’re tucked in right next to the SUSE booth and we’ll be hosting several demo stations.

Arm - Allinea HPC Tools and Applications New Arm HPC tools and Arm's community driven out-reach for application porting
Singularity Open-source container project for HPC running natively on Armv8-A
Fujitsu (SVE Compiler) Arm SVE and their work to support it for POST-K supercomputer
Qualcomm Centriq Server Server Hardware platform and demo featuring Genomics applications
Cavium ThunderX2 Server Server Hardware platform and remote demo featuring HPC applications

First off, from a silicon partner standpoint, we will also be hosting the latest platforms and work of partners: Cavium, Fujitsu, and Qualcomm. All three of these partners have been publicly touting their Arm server SoC and ecosystem efforts and it is great to see the progress happening for HPC.

Arm will be showcasing its latest HPC tools, as well as how they are applied to prevalent HPC applications. The Arm HPC User Group is a community driven endeavor, and will have folks on hand to discuss porting and optimization for open-source, owned, and commercial HPC application codes.

One community open-source project, Singularity, will be on hand as well to show off the readiness of an Arm native build for this important HPC container technology.

Furthermore, the Arm Allinea team will also be hosting their own booth #610, with a strong presence of Allinea technical and sales folks to cover the latest Allinea tools announcements and emphasize cross-platform support.

Arm Ecosystem/Partner Sessions

  • Arm Partner Reception (Sunday 6 - 8pm) - Invite only
  • Arm HPC User Group Meeting (Monday 1 - 6pm, Grandy Hyatt Denver, Aspen Ballroom)
  • Arm BOF (Tuesday 5:15pm, SC17 Rm 701)
  • Arm PANEL (Tuesday 1:30pm SC17 Rm 201-203)
  • OPENSHMEM BOF (Wednesday 5:15pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)
  • OPENHPC BOF (Wednesday 12:15pm, SC17 Rm 507)
  • Arm SVE WORKSHOP (Thursday 2 - 4pm, Grand Hyatt Denver, Aspen Ballroom)
  • SC17 Exhibitor Forum Presentations:
    • Fujitsu - Post-K Supercomputer powered by Arm (Tuesday 1:30pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)
    • Cavium - ThunderX2 and Beyond (Tuesday 2:30pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)
    • Arm - Road to Exascale (Wednesday 2pm, SC17 Rm 501-502)

Wish You Were Here

The bottom-line is our HPC ecosystem has advanced at a rapid pace to meet the requirements for emerging deployments of Arm silicon partner hardware. It’s quite a view from where we stand.

Join us at SC17