Pulling it all together: The Arm HPC Ecosystem and Community

For the better part of a decade now, Arm has been striving to push into the server platform market and making great strides in terms of ecosystem, infrastructure IP and architecture. Leveraging this great work, more and more SoCs from silicon partners are arriving to market, built to run modern datacenter workloads with leading performance and power efficiency. Furthermore, the strongest of these make great building blocks for supercomputers. In that vein, Arm continues to push forward in High-performance Computing (HPC) and has made significant advances in terms of community engagement, software ecosystem and end-user support.  And while we have reached the point where the HPC apps and the underlying tools and stacks have been ported are now available on Arm, our challenge has always been in getting the news out to the broader HPC community and linking them into the cohesive partner collaboration story that is unique to Arm.

Here we provide a short overview of the information and collaboration hubs available to the Arm HPC community that are driven and/or curated by Arm.

Events: SC18 and the Arm HPC User Group

While Arm has attendance at dozens of HPC-related events throughout the year, there are a handful (ISC, Arm Research Summit, and SC) where we attend in full. Let’s talk about the upcoming SC18 event, the largest event of its kind in the world, which is a great point for collaboration and engagement with Arm. We’ve got a strong presence again this year and a strong line up of Arm-related sessions, including our fourth annual Arm HPC User Group session, an Arm Birds-of-a-Feather session, and a hands-on Arm SVE workshop. Keep an eye out for further details.

We will have a great group of Arm folks covering research activities, ecosystem, software tools, business and marketing on hand throughout the SC18 week. Please contact me or post a question on our new HPC forums for any interest in FTF meetings, Arm speaker opportunities, or other SC related activities.   

Arm HPC Community Information

Our refreshed HPC information and collaboration hub resides on the Arm developer pages and provides the most complete set of information covering the Arm HPC ecosystem. The publicly accessible site spans Arm’s developer and community pages, covering all our HPC related blog articles, the New HPC User Forum, technical presentations, software ecosystem updates, tools, and off-site repositories for information. It’s a great place to get started or to get the latest HPC ecosystem news. Here’s a snapshot:

HPC ecosystem on Developer.com

Finally, I’d like to highlight a few important web locations for broader community collaboration around the Arm HPC ecosystem plus one more important site for end-users to consider.

First off, as mentioned earlier in this blog, I’d like to introduce our new official Arm HPC Community Forum. Anyone can join the Arm community pages and post comments and questions. This Arm community site will be curated and moderated by a host of Arm HPC software and end-user support specialists and is a great place to get your questions answered or share feedback to Arm and the broader community. Like any good Forum, we expect its value to grow over time as more users participate and more and more items are posted, and questions are answered.

Second, out on a GitLab public site, we continue to host and curate the Arm HPC packages Wiki. Anyone can sign up for an account here and begin posting new packages or updating existing packages with the latest info.  Furthermore, one can quickly download a spreadsheet showing the porting status of all the packages that are listed on this site. Currently, we have almost 260 HPC related packages listed and tagged on this site with more being added daily. See the latest HPC package build details and recipes.

GitLab HPC

Further resources

And finally, for further reading, check out worksonarm.com (hosted by the fine folks at Packet). This site offers many prevalent open-source datacenter and cloud server packages pre-built for Arm, some of which will be of interest to the HPC community. Furthermore, Packet offers bare-metal Arm server instances at an inexpensive price for those wanting to kick the tires on a particular app.

WorksonArm website
In closing, the routes to information and collaboration are in place and being actively worked by Arm in support of partners and end-users. Please join us in driving the Arm HPC ecosystem forward for successful strategic deployments in 2018 and beyond.

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