Arm Allinea Studio 18.3 is now available with new math routines and FFT improvements

Arm Allinea Studio 18.3 is now available with updated Arm Performance Libraries and improved compilers.

Math routines - pow, exp, and log - now part of Arm Performance Libraries

Arm Performance Libraries 18.3 includes a new library libamath, with optimized implementations of pow, exp, and log routines. These routines are available in both single and double precisions. The single precision routines are highly optimized in the 18.3 release. Double precision routines are moderately optimized in 18.3 release with further improvements planned for the 18.4 release. You can find further details on how to use libamath in the Arm Performance Libraries getting started guide.

FFT routines improved further

Arm Performance Libraries 18.3 continues the enhancement of our FFT performance. In our previous release 18.2.0, we had dramatically increased the speed of our 1-d complex-to-complex transforms using the basic FFTW interface for lengths with prime factors up to 19. We have now extended that work to include multiple dimensions, real-to-complex functions, and the advanced interface is now as high performing as the basic interface in all cases.

Arm Perf Lib 18.3 vs FFTW

An example combining lots of these improvements is shown in the above graph. This shows 3-d real-to-complex problems called through the advanced FFTW interface. Problem sizes are cubes of NxNxN, where N increases from 10 to 512 for all values with prime factors up to 19. Times are compared against FFTW 3.3.7, with both cases being executed on a Cavium ThunderX2 node. Values above the horizontal line at 1 show a speed-up from using Arm Performance Libraries for your FFT cases, and we are pleased that most of the results are on this side of the line.

Other key developments on the FFT side include work on the planning stage. We now have an improved plan 'auditioning' process and also now fully support the use of FFTW's wisdom creation and reading functionality.
Note, however, that stored wisdom files will not be compatible between invocations using Arm Performance Libraries and FFTW.

Allinea Studio: All packages available from

All the Studio packages, including Arm Compiler for HPC package with Arm Compilers and Libraries, are now available from download page.

Improved documentation

We have now added new pages (C/C++ Compiler options and Fortran Compiler options) on Arm Developer documenting commonly used command line options. These are in addition to the documentation available within the tool via --help and man pages. 

Porting and tuning HPC applications on Arm

Porting and tuning guides on Arm Developer provide instructions on how to build and run popular HPC and scientific workloads with Arm Compilers. These guides enable a smooth transition when porting HPC applications to the Armv8-A architecture. We now have new guides covering more popular workloads


If you have questions, doubts or want to raise an issue either via or support-page. The vast majority of requests are answered within a single working day.


We are excited to announce the availability of Arm Allinea Studio 18.3 with new math routines and performance improvements. Please get in touch to request a trial or buy a license. We plan to provide the next release 18.4 toward the end of July 2018 with more features and improvements. 

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