CMSIS Zone (MPU support) in Keil RTX

Hi guys,

we use Keil RTX on a M4 core (XMC 4500) which contains a memory protection unit. We want to run some parts of the software in its own memory space. I have found the description about CMSIS-Zone (CMSIS-Zone) which should provide MPU support. In the thread mode multiple processes should be possible.


- Does anybody know if this feature is planned for Keil RTX.

- Are there other RTOSs which support this kind of features already?

Thanks a lot for any hint


  • Hi Jussy,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    We have just started to discuss MPU extension for CMSIS/RTX5. Some low level MPU APIs are already in place as part of CMSIS-Core(M) for a while. On the development branch we added a first draft implementation for an MPU callback to RTX5, see commit 0e45768. Please be aware that at the current stage its only an experimental API and it will change as we move on. 

    Our current idea is to let the user provide the MPU regions used per thread. The current stage needs you to place the thread stack manually to a region accessible by the thread. We think about moving this responsibility to RTX5 scheduler, soon.

    With CMSIS-Zone we want to create a common basis for graphical design tools for system partitioning, i.e. creating adequate MPU regions.

    FreeRTOS has some kind of MPU support as well. 

    Please let us know about your opinion about MPU enhancement for RTX5. 



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